Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Euser Family Sneak Peek

Meet Heather and her adorable family!  Heather is the sister of a past client.  I love meeting extended families.  It makes me feel like I already know them and have a relationship.  Heather looks a lot like her sister and I kept wanting to call her Hollie the entire time.  Sorry Heather.

Heather could be a consultant for how to dress your family for a photo shoot.  They all coordinated, but weren't matchy-matchy.  I also loved the bright colors that she chose.  It helped to add color and vibrancy to the drab backdrop of winter.  Good job Heather!

I am glad we were able to get this one on the books.  We had to cancel once for sickness and once for the freezing cold and snow.  It was a little muddy at our location, but for the most part we had ideal conditions.  I love Colorado!

And would you look at these kids?

I had fun with these guys.  Kase was a hoot and was very engaged with me.  He loved to krinkle his nose for pictures, but other than that he was a perfect little two year old.

Quinn was a little more camera shy.  She was more interested in what was going on with big brother.  But can you even stand her hair?  I LOVE the baby bird fuzzy hair.  Makes me smile every time!

I think we got some good shots- candid and posed and that makes for a great session.

Heather and Mark were super relaxed during our time together too.  That makes things so much easier and more fun for the kids, making smiles come a bit easier.  They even let Kase play in a mud puddle toward the end of our time.  Love it!  Makes for such fun memories (and pictures).

If you haven't had family pictures done in a while....don't wait.  We tend to use so many excuses: I want to lose weight, it is too cold outside, the kids are in a crabby phase, I will wait until we have a little more money....etc.  Don't wait.  Make sure you have lots of pictures and memories with your kids.  The days are LONG, but the years are short.  You won't regret having done pictures.  I promise.  Even if you just have a family member snap a few candid pictures....JUST DO IT!!!

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