Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall Has Arrived!

Guess what?  Denver got it's first snow today.  Hard to believe when it was 80 degrees earlier this week.  I love living in Colorado.  But you know what I love even more than the snow?  When the sun comes out and dries up the roads.  I hate driving in the snow and love that it melts so quickly.

I have been bad about posting personal pictures as of late.  So, I thought I would share some snow pictures from March in honor of our first snowfall.

I also want to tell you about a revolutionary app that I have found that is making my life a whole lot easier!  There is great excitement in the Lord household as we have booked a family trip to Disneyworld this November.  The kids are pretty excited and we have told them that if they want any souvenirs, they have to use their own money.  So, we have started to try to do more chores around the house.  However, I have really struggled with how to figure out what chores need to be done and how much to pay them.  I also have had a hard time trying to figure out how to keep track of what they do and how much I owe them.  

Then on Wednesday, I found an article in a parents magazine that was suggesting some apps to make parenting easier and they suggested Choremonster.  So I downloaded the FREE app and tried it out. 
It's Frank!ChoreMonster

I LOVE IT!  It helps that my kids each have an ipod touch (except for JJ and he uses our family ipad) that they can use.  It takes some time to get up and running and input all of the kids information and choose chores, but it is very user friendly.  Once I add the chores and the "points" (which is equivocal for $$ for them) for each chore, it pops up on the kids' ipods and they can see what chores need to be done and how many points/money they get for it.  Once they have done the chore, they check it off and it sends me a notification that they have done the chore.  I approve it and then it lets them (and me) know how many points/$ they have done.  Genius.  I have never had so much help putting away laundry, emptying the trash can, vacuuming, setting the table and even putting groceries away.  It is awesome.  The only downside is that I am going to go broke!  I know that the magic will wear off, but for has been a great way to kick start their money earning and for me to get some much needed help around the house.

Happy Fall Y'all (or winter as today would seem)!  Here's to a Pumpkin spice Misto, warm sweaters, dry roads and getting the chores done!

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