Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sweet Adley

I just looked at the calendar and today is the first Saturday I have been at home since August 24th.  Yes, that is over 6 weeks.  In those 6 weeks I have shot 2 weddings of my own, been a second shooter for 2 weddings, done 9 family/baby shoots and substituted 8 times.  There have been way too many 40 hour work weeks lately for this "stay at home mom".  That is all on top of being in charge of the Consignment Sale at JJ's preschool, planning/executing the women's event at church and planning a big outreach Trunk or Treat at church.  No wonder why I have been feeling so overwhelmed lately!  This coming week is going to be much the same.  3 photo shoots, subbing 2 days and working at the preschool one day.  I am more saying this for my benefit rather than trying to complain.  I (women in general, I think) tend to be hard on myself and feel bad when my house is a mess, the laundry is never done and there aren't as many home cooked meals as there should be. I take a look at all that I have been doing and I feel a little bit better about the condition of my house.

Now on to some cuteness.  I met Adley when she was just a few weeks old.  She was a perfect little angel in our newborn session and she proved to be the same in our 4 month session.  I am so glad that she is one of my "Babies First Year" and that I get to see her 2 more times in the next 8 months.  Another bonus to this session was the accessories!  Hollie.....Ah.Mazing.  When she brought out the the tutu and pearls, I just about swooned.  Adley was happy to pose, smile and show off her darling dimples.

Happy Saturday Everyone!  For more pictures of this sweetie, visit my Facebook page or my website.

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