Friday, October 4, 2013

Sneak Peek: Josh

Meet Josh.  He is a senior this year and even though his school doesn't "require" professional senior pictures, his mom really wanted some.  Being a boy, he didn't really want them....but moms always win in these situations.  There is no getting around it, boys!  Even though Josh wasn't interested in having his pictures done, he was a great subject and is pretty photogenic!  We got some great shots.

We also got some major mosquito bites.  I have never had that many bites at a shoot.  It was their last ditch effort before the freeze, filthy little blood suckers.

Josh- good work staying still even though there were mosquitos all over you!  I know you weren't super excited about pictures, but I think you got into it at the end.  Best "serious" face I have shot in a long time!

Thanks goodness it is snowing outside and those mosquitos are GONE!  For more pictures, visit my website or my Facebook page.

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