Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aidan- 3 months

Remember this little guy?

Isn't he so cute.  Well guess what?  He is now over three months old.....and is even cuter!  His mom called me to say that he was so cute and smiley that she really wanted some 3 month pictures.  I was happy to oblige! 

We decided to meet downtown at Civic Center Park because they really wanted some flowers in their pictures.  Civic Center Park has really pretty flowers.  However, there were several events they were getting ready for (including the pro cycle challenge viewing and taste of Colorado for next weekend).  Therefore, all of the flowers were blocked off, all of the streets were blocked off and it was kind of a nightmare!

But, we made the best of the situation and got some great pictures.  And Becky, you are right, he is a really smiley little guy.  He was happy and wide awake the entire shoot.  It was so much fun!  I love my job!

I love that you can see a reflection of his mom and downtown in his eyes!

Nothing is cuter than drool!

I love Brian and Becky and it has been so good getting to know them.  And don't you think she is SO GORGEOUS!!??  I could take pictures of this family all day long!  And I can't wait for a Christmas card shoot with them in November!  For more pictures, check out my facebook page here or my website here.

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