Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Killingers

You may have seen this family before!  Summer and I go way back and I am so thankful that we have remained friends for so long.  She is my oldest (meaning length of friendship, not OLD) friend.  I have so many amazing memories with her!  She lives way up north (by my standards) but we still manage to get together pretty often!  I love this lady and I love her family too.  She has a great husband and three adorable children.

They are moving into a new house (this weekend) and she wanted some pictures that would fit the "look" of the new house.  She was thinking Parisian, so I thought I would edit some of the pictures from our time together using one of my favorite editing tools.  It is one called "ivory silk" and it makes pictures look beautiful.  Here goes.  Isn't this a beautiful family?

Life with kids

This one is my absolute favorite. I think it should be on the cover of a Parents magazine or something.  Don't you think?!  Gorgeous!

I Love you Summer!  Don't loose your mind while you are moving this weekend!
If you want to see more pictures of this amazing family, click here.

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