Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Brandon Sneak Peek

On Sunday, I met up with Brandon and his mom Dee.  They are one of our beloved "Storm" baseball families (I love that team).  I can't believe that Dee is old enough to have a senior in high school!

While I was scouting for places to shoot, I came across a beautiful sight: a big meadow with a deer grazing in it.  I have always wanted to be the type of photographer to pull off to the side of the road and find a beautiful sight to capture.  Unfortunately, I usually have three little people in the back seat, a place to be (usually in a hurry) or don't have my camera with me.  This time......no little people, no hurry and I had my camera!  After pulling off the road, I was surprised to not only find the deer, but her fawn as well.  It made for a happy LiLo!

It was so fun to hang out with Brandon and Dee.  Brandon is a good egg.  I hope my boys are as nice as he is when they are 18!  At the end of our shoot, we were in a field that had some random cacti.  He kept reminding me and made sure I didn't get a cactus in the toe!  See what I mean?  Good kid.

This is the shot I got when I said "look at your mom".  AWWWWW

Brandon loves to go Bow shooting with his uncle
Love this gnarly tree!
Might not make the yearbook, but it shows his fun side!

Thanks guys!  It was fun working with you and Brandon, I hope you have a great Senior Year!  For more pictures, visit my facebook page.

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