Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Newmillers: Sneak Peek

Hello Everyone!  I am so sorry that I have been away.  I have been doing lots of blog my head, they just haven't made it to the computer.  Honestly, I have been feeling a little overwhelmed!  I am working three jobs (on top of being a "stay at home mom") and trying to keep life in order.  We were gone for four weekends in a row and then the next weekend was Easter.  I am trying to get caught up (and now am realizing that will never happen). to get back on track.  Here is one of my favorite families, the Newmillers.  They are our neighbors and just all around great people.  They had family in town over the weekend and wanted to get some big multi-generational pictures done.  It was a beautiful spring day in Colorado and I got some great shots! 

Thanks for letting me hang out with your family!  For more photos, check out my Facebook page here.

Happy Spring!  And don't worry.  I will get motivated and do more posts in a jiffy!

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