Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beautiful People make for Beautiful Pictures

Meet Tamara:

Isn't she beautiful?  Her son, Gavin, is in Tanner's kindergarten class and they have become best friends.  They run around playing super heroes and bad guys.  So Tamara and I have gotten to know each other while hanging out at the playground after school.

Tamara and Scott are one good looking couple!

Hubba Hubba
They were total naturals and VERY photogenic!

Tamara + Scott = Gavin (aka Tanner's best friend)

Next came Trinity:

Now it is time for #3

It was so fun to go hang out at their house for a little while and take some pictures of this beautiful family.

I love this shot.  Such joy!
Love.  Guess what happened next?

Getting ready for baby

I had a dream about this shot.  It turned out just as good as my dream!

You can really tell how much they love each other!

I love her face in this one.
Gavin made this for his baby sister's crib all by himself.  Isn't it sweet. 

Seriously, I could take pictures of these guys all day long!  They are such a nice family (and gorgeous to boot).  Can't wait to meet baby #3.  I am counting on getting my baby fix during playground time after school.  Be sure to check out my Facebook page for more pictures!

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