Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vegas Baby!

For Spring break we packed up the swagger wagon and drove to a great family destination......Las Vegas.  Okay I was kidding about the "family" part of that!  Everyone always gave me a funny look when I told them we were going to Vegas for spring break.  My mother-in-law had some time shares she had to use or lose.  We HAD to find somewhere close enough to drive (who can afford 5 plane tickets these days?) and warm (a Lisa requirement).  So if you do a search of warm, drivable vacation of the only ones that comes up is Vegas.  I have never been there (at least that I remember, 15 months old doesn't count) and they do have lots of pools, right?

We had a nice trip.  The road trip part of it was fun!  We did a caravan with the Fillharts and Chris' mom took turns bouncing between the cars (as did the kids).  We ended up with the two biggest kids and the littlest kid, but the other car got the NOISY ones, so we were fine with having the extra kid in our car.  The kids had a blast and we chatted, listened to books on tape (the kids favorite was the Twits by Ronald Dahl), and jammed out to our newly made VEGAS mix cd (AWESOME mix, let me know if you want to see the playlist-mostly kid songs).  What is a road trip without a mix cd?  We made great time and the day passed quickly.  I rather like road tripping, especially when you have a nice roomy mini van.  Some people make fun of the mini, but I LOVE IT!

Once we got there, we spent a lot of time in the pools (or the hot tubs beause it was pretty windy at the beginning of our stay) and hanging out together.  The Fillharts introduced us to the game "Awkward Family Photos" and even the kids got a kick out of the game, and after the kids went to bed, it got even funnier.  Mimi even watched the kids one night and the adults got a night out on the strip (the only way to see it as dragging the kids through the strip at night while avoiding certain "flyers" is NOT fun!).  We even made the trip to the Hoover Dam. It was so cool! 

The kids enjoyed the M & M store, Coca-cola store, the Treasure Island pirate show (good thing they don't understand sexual innuendo yet) and we even got to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe!  My favorite thing about Vegas....In and Out.  I have never had it before and we had it multiple times we were there!  We couldn't get enough!

Sorry these are out of order, but blogger is being a pain and I am tired!

Holding up the Dam Bridge

M&M World is right across the street but it took 10 minutes to get there.  Walking in Vegas takes forever when you are filtered through all of the hotel/casinos

Look at my cute little girl in his pink goggles!

Makai and Ashlynn were the only kids tall enough to go go-carting

Tanner loved the "Tasty Nachos" at this restaurant

Chris' dream restaurant.  He LOVES Nachos.  This place had the most amazing food!


The Luebckes joined us for a night and we hit the "famous fountains"

Makai was pretty proud that half of his butt was in Nevada and the other half was in Arizona

The most beautiful rest stop I have ever been too.  Glad JJ had an emergency pee!

Go, Chris, Go!

Dam Kids

Just practicing

All in all, it was a fun trip.......but not sure I want to go back for awhile.  It is fun to see all of the lights and the cool hotels, but it is EXPENSIVE, and dirty and truly is SIN City.  And I hope that Vegas STAYS in Vegas and doesn't creep any closer to Denver.

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