Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catching up!

I have been a little behind. No, I don't have a little behind, I AM a little behind.  Sorry, a little slap happy!  Things have been busy around the Lord house.  The hubby has been traveling a lot and I have been working 3 jobs and trying to keep up on everything else!  So, forgive my blogging absence.  I am going to try to catch up a little tonight.

After YEARS of celebrating every holiday twice in one day (eating two Thanksgiving dinners is NOT fun) we have switched to a much better way of celebrating.  It is SO amazing to have two families in town to celebrate with, however, holidays can be a bit crazy.  A few years ago we made the tough (that year, now it is AWESOME) change of alternating between the families.  This year was our year with the Coombs' family.  It was a lovely, and relaxing day at the "Party Place".  My mom always does an elaborate egg hunt with clues for the kids. They love it (and the basket at the end of the hunt).  It was a great day!  He is Risen!

Chris is pretty excited about #18 joining the Broncos

Tanner was a little grossed out by the color of his football egg
Nana and Bapa and the kids

Looking good!

Once in a while, I get to be in a picture too!
On the hunt!

Found his loot

How can you resist those eyes?

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