Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Corner

Do you know your neighbors?  We didn't really know any of our neighbors despite living in our house for 10 years.  However, I am lucky enough to live 10 houses away from my sister.  My sister and her husband are VERY outgoing and therefore have really gotten to know their neighbors.  The last few summers their neighbors (and by default ours) have started hanging out at "the corner".  Any given summer night, you can find a myriad of neighbors hanging out, talking, drinking and letting the kids play together at the corner of Brandt and Taft.  We are the neighborhood step child (from Berry Ave.) and have wormed our way into the corner.  These families are amazing and have been so much fun to get to know.  They are very "real" people and don't put on pretenses.  I love that.

There is a new baby on the corner.  Layla.  We all love Layla.  Most of the other kids on the corner are older, so all of the corner moms can't wait to get their hands on Layla.
My goal as a photographer is to have great pictures straight out of the camera.  Photoshop is great, but anyone can do that.  Not everyone can take good pictures!  I am very pleased to say that the above shot is straight from the camera.  No editing whatsoever!

I love the last one.  I bought this pot at the Paris Street Market so I could use it in my newborn pictures.  I bought it with a newborn in mind, but Layla is 7 weeks old and didn't fit in the pot very well.  But doesn't she look so cute?  I think she looks like a fairy that crash landed.

You can be praying for Layla.  She is having surgery next week to remove part of her lung that has a tumor in it.  Pray for Tim and Amy that they will trust God with their little girl and that God will heal her miraculously!

Here are some of the other awesome people from the corner that I have had the privilege of photographing.

The Newmillers.  Their house is actually on the corner and therefore they are the ones that started the corner.  They are an awesome family and are always making me laugh!

 Gage.  So full of life...and trouble.  He has the best nickname of all time: the Crackin'.
Avery.  A cutie and one of the 4 girls (ages 5-6) on the corner.

And the Hindes Girls.  So cute and easy going.  I love these girls.
Sisters.  I am a sucker for sister pictures.

So, if you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by the corner and see us.

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