Monday, September 19, 2011

Autumn Color Run

Bright and early on Saturday morning we headed up to Buena Vista for the Autumn Color Run.  We have done it a few times before and it is a blast!  If you are ever looking for a race to participate in, that is the one to do.  It is very small town, low key and simple.  I love that it isn't super crowded and that things are a little loosey goosey.  Not normally my personality, but in this circumstance, I have come to love it.

Chris has been training diligently for the half marathon.  The good news about the half marathon....mostly downhill.  The bad news......10,000 feet above sea level.  But nonetheless, at 9:00 on Saturday morning Chris, Paul (brother-in-law and all around great guy) and Nick (a friend and Gables guy) headed down the trail, after a little stretching first.

Makai and I had to wait around for a bit to catch the bus up to the 5k starting point (something we didn't train for at all, but should have).  It was beautiful out with a really cool low laying rainbow.

They changed the course on us this year and I was not pleased.  They had us start on a dirt road, run uphill and then cross over to the pavement (which was downhill).  Makai had a hard time on the dirt (wheezing) and then when we got to the pavement informed me that his shoes were too tight and were hurting his feet.  Information that would have been helpful the day before!!!  Anyway, we did it.  Our finish time wasn't great (40 minutes), but we finished it and it was a great bonding time.  At the finish line were Mimi, Tanner and Jameson cheering us on.

While we were waiting for the half marathoners, this guy finished the 5k.

How awesome is that!?  I love it and wish more people had that die hard attitude.

We only had to wait a few minutes until the star showed up!

He finished it in 1:48.5, which means he averaged a 8:15 mile.  What?  So proud of my man and all of his hard work.  He says he wants to do a full marathon in January-February.  Is he crazy?  I still have never run more than 3.5 miles in my life and not sure I ever want to.

13 minutes later.....these guys showed up.

Way to go!  In just over two hours Paul and Nick finished.  This was Nick's first half marathon.  Congratulations guys!

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