Monday, March 19, 2012

Sneak Peek: Spencer and Finley

Yesterday, we braved the wind and headed downtown to take some pictures.  I was nervous.  It was REALLY windy!  I was also taking pictures of a little 14 month old, who doesn't like the wind (really, who likes the wind?).  Finley has also acquired a new talent.....walking.  Therefore, he didn't really want to stand still.  He wanted to be walking and did everything he could to avoid looking at the camera.  Now that I have been doing this for awhile, I have learned to go with the flow and just follow them around and hope for the best.  Despite all that, it was the fastest shoot I have ever done (about 30 minutes), but I got some amazing pictures. 

Finley also brought along his big brother, Spencer.  I wanted to take Spencer home!  He was one of the nicest boys I have been around.  Super helpful and loving towards his brother.  Finley LOVES him and let him carry him around and do almost anything.  I can tell they love to hang out together.  Spencer had a great smile and was SO photogenic (I am a sucker for freckles).

Smiling at his brother!

Notice the walking stance?

I love this one.  I think it is so sweet!

One of my favorites...ever.  Love the freckles.

I love this one.  Looks like he is wearing a toupee!
Love, love, love it!  Favorite of the day!
You can see more pictures of these guys here!  Thanks for sharing your boys with me, Cher.  They are a blessing!

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