Monday, March 19, 2012


I finally broke down and joined pinterest.  I have been denying myself for awhile because I thought it would be so amazing that I would spend all day looking at things on it.  It is amazing, however, I find that it is easy to get on and spend a few minutes looking at recent pins and then be done for the day.  I have already tried a few things that I have pinned to my boards, and it has been really fun!  My best find thus far.....

Finally, a sewing project for boys!  I really like to craft and sew, however, boys don't really like things that are crafted or sewn.  Little girls love purses, doll clothes, little dresses......etc.  Little boys like dirt, bugs, rocks, Legos......etc.  But I found something!  We are getting ready to go on a road trip for Spring Break and I found these ingenious pillowcase/bags.  I showed the boys and they were actually excited about it. 

So, we took a trip to their favorite place.....the fabric store.  When I say "favorite place" I really mean a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth (usually on my part because my children are running wild and hiding under the turn stiles of fabric).  I think it is punishment for the way that I used to act as a child.  My mom LOVES the fabric store.  It is her therapy.  When she is feeling down or needs a pick-me-up she goes to "feel fabric".  I love it when she calls me and says "I am going to the fabric store to feel some fabric, do you want to come?"  NOW I do, but when I was a child it was a place of torture.  Pretty sure I have passed that on to my children.  This trip was a LITTLE better because we were actually picking out fabric for them.   

I know they are excited about it because I keep hearing "are you done with my pillowcase yet?", multiple times a day.  Well children, now I am done!  They turned out SO cute manly and awesome!

I love the strap so they can carry it in and out of the car/hotel

The pocket is perfect for books, DS games and earphones

I love how they are personalized!

Had to make some for the fellow road-trippers McKenzie and Ashlynn

This project was pretty easy and really fun! I would highly recommend it.  You can find the easy to follow directions here, even a rookie could do this!  You only have to know how to sew a straight line!  The only thing I changed was to put some velcro on the opening where you slide in the pillow.  It kept coming open and showing the pillow, so I just sewed on some velcro and VOILA! it says shut perfectly.  I hope these make the trip more comfortable and help the kids keep track of all of their things during the trip.  I will let you know how they work out!

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