Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mason- Castle Rock Newborn Photography

I first met this family a little over 2 years ago when little Carter was a baby.  Remember how cute he was with his REALLY long eyelashes??  You can see his baby photos if you click here.

Well that sweet little baby has become the big brother now that Mason has arrived.

This little guy is so lucky in that it is very obvious that he is adored already.

This little gal is the best big sister.  She is a like a little mother hen, ready to help out wherever she is needed and has great instincts with her brothers.

Susan and Ellory are both quiet and easy going.  It made for a nice, relaxing session.  Parents that have 3 kids have learned to be a little more chill!.

I have had a huge stretch of baby girls so I was so excited to have a baby boy to photograph again.  I love the simplicity of boy sessions!  Just a couple of cute hats and some blue accents.

Don't you just love this little hat?  Why hello there Mason!

Mason must have been all curled up inside his mama because he sure loved to have his legs up by his face.

The kids loved the "cotton candy" filler so we had to do a few shot of his blanket with the cotton candy.  I love to involve the siblings in the process.


Welcome to the world Mason!  You are so sweet and well loved.

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