Thursday, May 4, 2017

Lynch- Littleton Maternity Photographer

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.  

But before the baby arrives, the belly appears.  And there is nothing I love more than taking pictures of an adorable baby bump.

And this girl has an amazing baby bump.

You might remember these two from their cute little cupcake announcement session.  

Now a few months have gone by and their little girl has grown from a tiny little cupcake to a perfect little baby bump.  But seriously, Whitney, it isn't fair how cute and little your belly is even though you are only 3 weeks away from giving birth.

It is very obvious that these two adore each other.  I love seeing couples enamored with each other and I love it even more when those couples have babies.  It is just shows that the foundation of their marriage is strong and their baby will be raised in a loving and stable home.

We laughed and joked all through the session and had a great time together.  It makes the time fly and ensures that I get genuine smiles and expression.  

It helps that these two have been a part of my church family and helped mentor my son in the Jr. High at church.  Now they have moved up to high school and while I am sad they aren't working with the Jr. High any more, I am excited that we get to have them again in a year and for 4 years this time!

Look at Whitney's killer smile and gorgeous eyes!  And Brandon has the smoulder down pat.  Man these two are photogenic!

Urban sessions are always so cool because of all of the fun backdrops, but doing a maternity session in the city made me extra, extra happy!

Alleys are my favorite.

These two are perfection.  I told them to jump up into this ledge and they proceeded to do this.....AWESOME!!  Even better than what I had in mind.  LOVE IT!  These are my favorite.

I can't wait to meet their baby girl in a few weeks!  Stay tuned for newborn pictures.  Hooray!

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