Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Molly- Denver Child Photographer

Oh the life of a 2 year old.  

It is filled with wonder, joy, learning, exploration....and tantrums.

Isn't little Molly the cutest thing?? 

This is her model shot.

Her favorite thing right now is money.  Like little coins that she can carry around.  Notice the money in her hand.  I love that her mom wanted to capture this because she wanted to remember the things her daughter liked at this age.  Although I am pretty sure that at 16 she will still love getting money from her mom (but it will most likely be in bill form instead of coins).

I love that we were able to meet up at this little working farm to do photos.  There is so much to look at.  Molly had a great time exploring, even in her cute little dress.

Molly also loved meeting the animals.  She was enamored with the lambs and even fed them a bit (or at least shoved hay at them).  It was adorable.

I wish there was video to go with these pictures.  She was chatting and singing and dancing in the back of this wagon.  It was so fun to watch her be her little 2-year-old self.

And this is the not so glamorous side of parenting a 2 year old.   Oh the temper.  All because she wanted to hold the bottle of bubbles and her mama didn't want her to hold the bubbles and spill them all over herself and the ground.  But no worries.  A few minutes later (and after the spotting of some geese) she was back to herself.

I loved hanging out with this spunky, fun, adorable two year old and her sweet mama.

Happy Birthday Molly!

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