Friday, May 16, 2014

Sneak Peek: Kaden-Newborn

There is nothing like holding a freshly born baby.  It is like a balm to the soul.  I am convinced that anyone having a terrible day should be given a sleepy newborn baby to cuddle with.  It could possibly be the solution to world peace.

I got to take pictures of this sweet girl for her first birthday pictures a few months ago... and now she is a big sister!  I had the opportunity to snuggle her baby brother last Thursday when he was just 6 days old.  Bridget, you make beautiful children!  Kaden was a real trooper and let us take a lot of pictures of him.

I am so happy that this little guy is signed up for my first "Baby's First Year" program.  I will get to see him 3 more times in the next year and document how much he will grow in his first year.  It is my favorite!

He kept sticking his foot out like this.  My guess is he did this in utero as well!

Love the squishy rolls!

Don't usually like the pacifier in the pictures, but this one was too sweet to leave out.  Mr. Sandman.
This one is for his nautical themed nursery.  Love it!

Don't you love that his feet are making a heart shape?
 Thank you God that I get to spend so much time cuddly and documenting babies and families.  I count it as a huge privilege.

For more pictures, visit my website or my Facebook page.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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