Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sneak Peek: Brayden

I met up with this darling girl and her mom on Monday of this week.  Good thing as it was the warmest day of the week.  However, "warmest" still meant that it was below freezing during our shoot.  Makes it a little tricky when you are an outdoor photographer!

We were going to go to the Littleton Historical Museum, but silly photographer forgot that they aren't open on Mondays!  So, plan B.  We went to the nearby Library to warm up and take some pictures of this little gal for her upcoming birthday.

LiLo may have disappointed a little, but Little Brayden did not.  She was so cute and I loved her pierced ears and her little dimples.  She even enjoyed her cupcake and the only time she cried was when it was gone (I know the feeling sista).

We got a few outside before deciding we should head into the warmth of the library.

Then it was cake time!
It is a cruel, cruel world.  Especially when the cupcakes are gone.

Happy Birthday Brayden!

It was a joy to get to know this mama and her beautiful baby girl.  I can't wait to get my hands on her baby brother who will be coming in May!

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