Friday, February 28, 2014

Little Boy Heaven

Do you ever have those days that just stick with you and that you know you will never forget?  I feel like I have had a few of those lately.  Maybe it is because I am trying to be more "present" and enjoy the moment instead of being wrapped up in other things.  I also recently registered my youngest for FULL day Kindergarten next year, so maybe I am just feeling the pressure of creating memories with my littlest before he is in school for 7 hours a day.  I have also been feeling a little complacent with my photography.  I want to get out there and shoot more for ME and what I am interested in.  I think it will make me better at what I do.

At any rate.... I was driving the other day and noticed that a huge construction project was going on right near our house.  As I was driving by, there were at least 20 HUGE tractors working.  I made a mental note to bring JJ to see them the next day.  I mentioned it to him the next day and he suggested we take a picnic and go watch them for a little while (I was already planning on doing that, but I let him think it was his brilliant idea).

So we headed out armed with a blanket, some McDonalds (for him) and my camera.  We found a spot in the nearby neighborhood in between some houses to park and set up our "picnic".  There were so many different vehicles.  JJ had fun names for all of them.  Including the double-uble, the long arm, scooper, the tractor and...the pee truck.  Don't you love little imaginations?

The double-uble
The Long Arm
The pee truck
After we ate and watched from afar, we decided to wander down a little closer.  JJ had fun waving at all of the drivers.  And guess what....they ALL waved back.

We got pretty darn close to them.  It was loud!

Can you see the driver waiving?

Look at his face after they waved at him!
We had so much fun, but it was time to head out and get the boys from their early release at school.  We were walking away when we heard a voice calling "You guys want to go for a ride?".  Ummm let me think for one second....YES!!  He had stopped his tractor and walked over to the fence where we had just been standing.  He introduced himself as Robert and asked Jameson if he wanted to ride in the jumpseat of his tractor.  JJ was a little star struck!  We walked over to the tractor and hopped (by hopped I mean climbed a big ladder) into the truck.

The wheels were ginormous!
Hi Robert!
Robert was so nice and explained what they were doing and what the tractors were called.  I tried to take good pictures, but it was really bouncy and I had JJ on my lap (clinging on to him) and my other hand on my heavy camera.  Not really conducive to great cinematography!  He took us around the site twice and we waved at all of the guys along the way.  It was a huge highlight.  JJ was pretty quiet (I think he was just taking it all in).  We got quite a kick out of hearing about the grumpiest guy on the site, which we explained was the first guy to wave at us and he even honked and flashed his lights at us.  We remembered because he was in the green tractor (which is JJ's favorite color and therefore was his favorite tractor).  Robert couldn't believe it.  Perhaps grumpy green tractor driver has a soft spot for cute little 5 year old wanna-be tractor drivers.

Grumpy/Softie Green Tractor driver

View from the cab

JJ loved riding behind the "Pee Truck"

Robert seemed to love every minute too.  He explained that his grandson didn't really like to ride in the tractor (he said it was too bouncy....and it was bouncy) so he loved that JJ really liked it.

When our ride was over, he told us to come back anytime and that if we came at noon he would take us for an extra long ride during his lunch hour.

Don't you love when people go the extra mile to make someone else happy.  It was also obvious that Robert loved his job and wanted to share that love with an aspiring young boy.

Thanks Robert.  You made this little boy's (and his mama) day.  Perhaps we will all be lucky enough (and willing) inspire a child with our work!

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