Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sneak Peek-Baby Barnes

I love chunky babies.  I just love their little fat rolls and their puffy cheeks.  They are usually happy babies (because of their vast fat storage!) and tend to eat and sleep better than skinny little guys.  Tanner was my chunky monkey.  Such a cute little porker!

Yet, with all of that chub, he still slept like this!  Check out the mid-arm fat roll.  LOVE IT!

Jameson was no slouch either.  He got some pretty good chub going as well.  We still call him the "chunky man" but he has really slimmed down.  Looking at all of these babies pictures is making me nostalgic.  Sigh. It makes me wish they were little again so I could pinch their fat little fingers.  So cute.  When they were little and someone would say "savor these times when they are young, you will miss them", I wanted to punch them in the throat, but now I get it.

I can't say enough how much I love the chunky ones.

Okay, enough sap.  Last week I caught up the the Barnes Family.  The four have become five.  Little Andrew made his way into their hearts (and now mine too).  I told you I was a sucker for the chubby ones.  Check out this little guy!

I also love third babies.  They are so chill and relaxed and easy to work with.  Nothing fazed this little man.  His sibling were running around and he slept right through it all!  I love the moms too.  Julie is so awesome.  I love that she is "real" and doesn't try to pretend that life with three is easy or that she has it all together.  She did get a shower before I got there and that made me mighty impressed!  See Julie, you can't even tell that the big kids were still in their jammies (It was Spring Break after all).

What a blessing this chunky baby is and what a blessing it has been getting to know them!

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