Monday, June 19, 2017

The Schaefer Family- Littleton Family Photographer

Is there anything better than a chubby little toddler with a big toothy grin?  Nope!  There really isn't.

Little Tommy was a joy to work with and I loved meeting his sweet parents too.  They were so easy to work with, kind, friendly and good looking.  What a great combination!!!

Those big brown eyes are so expressive.  And the chubby die for.

It is pretty obvious that this little guy is well loved.  I love the way they all look at each other and played together. 

Hey Tommy....give me a kiss!  Look at those lips.  So kissable! 

I think it is so cute that this outfit was worn by his older cousin for his session.  Isn't that sweet?

And then we did a little wardrobe change so he could have a brand new outfit.

I love getting pictures on their level.  It shows how big the world looks from their little perspective. 

Jeff was laughing at Katie as she was quickly painting her toe nails just minutes before they left the house.  But good thing she did.  Look how pretty her toes look!!  They perfectly complimented Tommy's cute shoes. 

I love being able to sneak in a few pictures of just mom and dad.  Most of the time it is the first pictures they have had done since their wedding and these guys were no exception. 

Tommy loved this game.  One...two...three...wheeeee!

It was wonderful to meet you Schaefers.  I loved hanging out with you and your little guy!  Stay cool Tommy!

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