Monday, June 26, 2017

The Frohne Family- Denver Family Photographer

This session was particularly special to me.  It was like my past meeting my present.  Alex and I were in high school youth group together and even went on a mission trip to inner city Chicago together.  Fast forward a few years and in college I met Jackie. She and I were both in the middle school education program at CCU together.  Then Jackie and Alex got married and they moved to the opposite side of the city.

For mother's day this year, Alex decided he wanted to give Jackie family photos this year.  He remembered this his best friend had some photos done a few years ago and he liked them so he looked up the photographer.  It was me!  His best friend's brother is my husband's best friend from childhood.  Small world, right?!  I was so happy to hear from Alex and to reconnect with him and Jackie and meet their kids. 

One more shout-out to Alex for picking everyone's outfits.  He even bought Jackie this beautiful dress!  

We had a fun evening together and I loved when they wanted to do this photo.  It was a re-creation of a candid picture from a few years ago.  I love their laughter.

The family that laughs together.....stays together.

I think these are my favorite!!

With all of my family sessions, I make sure that I get at least a few photos of just the couple together.  Often it is the first time since their wedding that they have had a professional picture.   These two informed me that they didn't even really have that.  They were trying to save money for their wedding so they just had a "friend" take pictures.  And the pictures didn't really turn out and they regret it!  Wedding photography is so hard to spend money on, especially when you are trying to cut costs, but is the #1 regret I hear from people about their weddings if they go budget or use a "family" friend.  Don't do it!!!  Hire someone to document the beginning of your life together.  If you don't, you will regret it.

No matter...I love that these two are obviously still crazy about each other after all these years.

Wesley and Molly were a bit shy with their smiles but I managed to get a few genuine smiles out of these pre-teens!  It can be such a tough age because they tend to be self-conscious but it is my favorite age and I love figuring out how to coax them out of their shells.

Colorado is so green and beautiful right now and the Evergreen Lake House was a perfect backdrop for our session.

Colorado was showing off.  Who can resist the beauty of the mountains?

It was so good to see you and catch up Frohnes.  You have a beautiful family and it was an honor to spend the evening with you.

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