Thursday, April 27, 2017

Ezra- Littleton Newborn Photography

This little guy was an absolute dream.  I think he wanted to get into my good graces again after we had to wait so long for his birth session.  If you missed his exciting and unusual birth session click here to get caught up!

Big babies tend to sleep so well and they are so squishy!  It makes my job so much easier.

Ezra weighed in at 9 pounds.  He already looks so big!

We got to do so many different set ups because he was a happy, sleepy boy.

David and Cheyenne already have this guy figured out.  They mentioned that he really liked the white noise app on their phone.  As soon as we turned that on, he settled down immediately!  It was amazing.  

All of that hair!

Favorite book: Goodnight Moon.

I think these are just about my favorite mom/dad/baby pictures.  

Doesn't Cheyenne look so happy and just content with life?? 

He even gave me some smiles.  He sure loves his daddy!  And looks just like him.

Are you kidding me?  Favorites!!


I just love this family so much and I am so thankful that I have been able to walk through life with them from engagement to the birth of Ezra.  I can't wait to continue documenting their family!  See you in a few months Garlick Family.

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