Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Mondragon Family- Littleton Family Photography

How cute is this family?

I don't know what it is about twin boys but I have had a TON of them in the last year.  I love it!  I love seeing them interact and their personalities come out.  And their outfits.....to die for!  Nice job Kristina.

Kristina found me on Instagram.  How cool is that?  I guess people really do look at all of those hashtags.  And I am so glad that she found me.

This was seriously one of the best and easiest family sessions that I have done in a while.  These boys were so well behaved.  They were playful and fun but were very kind, respectful and listened really well.  That is tough to come by when you have boys.  Trust me....I know!  You guys have done a great job with these boys.  Well done!

I love how much personality these boys have.

He has the model look down pat!

 I think he looks like he could be a kid president!

They share the same birthday as my youngest (although they are a year younger).  June babies are the best!  This is one of my ALL time brothers pictures.  I mean...seriously!!!

They obviously love each other and got along so well.  But they also loved to be on their own and tell me all about themselves.

I haven't shot at the Littleton Historical Museum for a LONG time.  They changed their photo policy and made it pretty strict and made a hefty fee to shoot there.  But I bit the bullet and bought a yearly pass because I love it so much.  There is such diversity there and the kids all LOVE it!  So let me know if you want to have your session there this year!

Don't they just look so happy together?

Kristina works nights as a therapist for a suicide hotline and her husband is in law enforcement so these two are public servants for sure!

These two love their mama!  #boymom

Show me your muscles....

I have picture of my family from a few years ago that looks a lot like this and it is my FAVORITE!  It is on a canvas in my entryway and everyone comments on it.   So naturally these are my favorites from their session too.

It was such a pleasure to meet you Mondragon family!  I hope we can hang out again next year!

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