Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Quinn- Denver Newborn Photography

This family!  I have known Shannon for years and I was so
 happy to meet her husband and baby boy two years ago.  
And then came sweet baby Quinn.

Isn't she simply darling?

I am not typically a lifestyle photographer.  But when it comes to Newborn pictures...
lifestyle is my favorite.  I love going to visit a family after their baby arrives 
and spending some relaxed time with them.  We always get some posed shots,
 but often the impromptu shots are my favorite. 
 Visiting their house allows for new and unique backdrops and setups.

What is better than a first baby?  A second baby! 
 Not only do I get some baby snuggles, I get to play with their older siblings 
and see them in their natural surroundings.  They become comfortable so quickly
 and I love seeing all of their toys and getting tours of their room. 
 It is adorable!

And the sibling shots.  My favorite!

Are you kidding me?  Isn't this woman absolutely stunning?
She just had a baby.  Motherhood suits her.

If these pictures don't exemplify fatherhood, I don't know what does. 
 Don't they just look like the strong hands of a dad who you know will
 keep you safe and provide for you? 

Congratulations guys!  You have a beautiful family.

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