Friday, May 27, 2016

The Vincent Family- Lakewood Extended Family Pictures

There is nothing better than getting to take pictures of a family
 you have known for 20+ years!

When Kasia contacted me about taking pictures as a gift for 
Jim and Delores' 50th anniversary, I couldn't wait!  
What a perfect gift for an important anniversary.  
Anyone in the market for a great anniversary gift?  
This is sure to please your mom/mother-in-law/grandmother.  
Because what do all (or most) women want?  Connection.  Love. 
 And reminders of what they have worked for their entire life.  Family.

They make 50 years look easy!  
This woman is amazing and if you ever need prayer....
this woman is a prayer warrior.  She is Godly woman who has her 
priorities aligned!  We can all aspire to be more like her.

Tim (their youngest son) and I were in high school youth group together. 
 He and Kasia are wonderful people who love God, church and each other. 

Their kids are not only cute, they are extremely well behaved and 
we had such a great time together!  Little Nel was utterly charming and was
 happy to smile for me.  Amazing for a little two year old.

Not only has this couple achieved 50 years of marriage, 
they are lucky enough to have 4 successful, grown children.

And two equally awesome daughter-in-laws. 
 I can only hope for amazing women like these to marry my boys someday.

How lucky are these kids to have so many wonderful uncles (and an awesome aunt)?

As for these two....they make EVERYTHING FUN!  
Margaret and Craig worked at a church in Chicago and when I was in 
high school our youth group ventured out there to help with their ministry
 one summer.  Fun times!  I'm so thankful that they moved back to Denver and
 are still making a HUGE impact in and through their church.  
Margaret and I have a lot of mutual friends and I secretly want to be her BFF.  
She is so intellegent and makes me laugh through the "interwebs".  
To know her is to love her.  And Craig is like a big kid.  
Equal parts fun and entertaining.

Extended family pictures are the way to go.  
You get more time and don't feel rushed, you get TONS of 
combinations and it is a great value for everyone. 

I would love to meet your extended family!  
Let me know if you are interested in doing
 big 'ol family pictures!

Seriously.  I laughed my way through this entire session and I don't
 remember ever having more fun while "working".  
Thanks for a great night Vincents!

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  1. How did I never read this one? I hearts it <3 Thanks so much for doing these -- this shoot was something to be cherished!

    1. That is funny! Well at least you got to revisit it a year later!