Monday, February 15, 2016

The O'Dell Family- Littleton Family Photography

I love Colorado winter (most of the time).  It snows and is chilly for a day
 or two and then the sun and blue skies return.  It is awesome.  And even when
 it is cold outside, if the sun is shining then it doesn't feel THAT cold.

I also love clients that are willing to brave the winter and 
traipse through the snow with me.  

I loved meeting this sweet little family!  We have a lot of mutual friends. 
 I love that.  When you have mutual friends it is almost as though you know
 each other already and you can skip the awkward "first date" conversations.

Guess what!?  We ended up doing this session on Ian's birthday.  He was such a
 good sport and I think he even enjoyed himself.  Guys don't usually like
 doing photo shoots, but most of the time they confess that when we are done 
that they actually had a good time.  That, my friends, is one of the 
highest forms of compliment a photographer can get from a man! 

Look at that Colorado blue sky!!

Oh my goodness.  This little doll was so cute during our time together.  
She was a tiny bit shy at first, but by the end she was helping me to find 
spots for our next set of pictures.  She had a great eye for it!

Thanks for spending your morning with me O'Dell family. 

It was a pleasure to meet you!

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