Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Halle- 8 months (Denver Baby and Family Photography)

February is full of love and hearts and all things pink and red.  

This little 8 month session for Halle was no different.

I always love seeing my Baby's First Year clients.  

Especially this family!  Katie always has the best outfits and ideas for sessions.  
They also are some of the most beautiful people, inside and out!

Little Halle was a little wary at first.  She wasn't sure what to think of the whole set up.

We had to bring out the big guns to get the big smiles.  She is a Daddy's Girl and only when Steve came over did she flash us the big smiles.

But seriously....these cheeks.  I love me a chunky baby.  
They are my FAVORITE! 

Mirror, mirror on the wall.....who is the cutest one of all? 

Why Halle of course!

I loved seeing you guys and I can't wait for Halle's one year session.  
Although, time needs to slow down a bit.  It feels like she was just born!  
I am sure it is 100 times worse for you guys.  
Why do our littles have to grow up so quickly!?

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