Thursday, February 4, 2016

Emery- Littleton Newborn Photography

Check out this darling little girl.

Meet Emery.

She had the greatest facial expressions.

Emery's new Auntie contacted me and wanted to gift a newborn
 session this  sweet family.  I love when I get newborn gift sessions.  
What a wonderful idea! 

I knew from the moment I met these three that I would love them.  
They had a quiet but deep love for each other.  Several times when I was
 working with Emery I would look over to see Jay and Sarah just gazing
 at each other or embracing.  How refreshing.  They were so calm and
 easy-going.  It made my job easy!  Pair that with their adorable 
daughter....and it was one of my favorite sessions in a long time.

They wanted to be surprised and not find out the gender so the 
nursery is neutral.  But it is one of the cutest nurseries I have 
ever seen.  Don't you love the pops of orange and all of the 
cute decor?  This mobile is AMAZING. 
 Nice work Sarah!

I love the uniqueness of the orange.  It is unlike anything else I have
 done before.  This is why I prefer to do in-home lifestyle newborn 
sessions.  It shows the unique personality of each family!

I have always loved snuggling babies, but I am LOVING all 
of the newborn sessions I have done lately.
Frog pose.  Adorable.

These pictures make my heart sing.  There is nothing like the love 
and excitement surrounding a newborn baby!

Sarah, you are gorgeous!!

I had to include this little blooper.  Sarah, this won't be the last time
 she sticks her tongue out at you!

Thanks Aunt Aimee for gifting this session.  
And congratulations Jay and Sarah!  You guys make great parents.
  I enjoyed meeting you and sweet little Emery.

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  1. So sweet... new born photos like these are so precious! Brings tears to my eyes.