Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Zlomke Family- Denver Family Photography

Isn't she adorable?

Little Miss Emma.  

 Annie worked with and knows one of my good friends.
 I liked her and Tammy from the moment we met!

 Emma is in the toddler phase.  Meaning she loves to explore and make 
her opinion known.  But she doesn't love to sit still and is a little 
skeptical of the strange lady with a big ol' camera in her face.

But that is okay, most kids her age are like that.  She is still adorable.

And I still managed to work some magic and coax a few 
smiles out of her.

Don't you just love all of these Colorado Plates?  
Pairs well with this Colorado Sweetheart. 

These are Emma's moms.  These women are beautiful,
 caring and doting mothers.  

It was fun to watch them all interact together.

And coordinating Converse......swoon. 

This was their first official photo shoot and they rocked it!  So fun to be
 able to capture this phase in their lives and document sweet Emma.   

I am so glad that I got to meet these three.  

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