Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Happy Valentimes Day

My 9 year old still calls it "Valentimes Day".  I love it.  I am going to be sad the day the kids learn how to say all of their words correctly.

I have never been a big Valentine's supporter.  But 2 years ago I tried to up my game and do something awesome like my mom used to when we were kids.  So I got everything ready the night before and got up early in the morning and went all Pinterest on my kids.  I made heart shaped pancakes and even fashioned bacon into heart shapes.  It was a big deal for this mom who exclusively serves cereal and eggs for breakfast.  The kids came down and were delighted with the hot breakfast.  After they came up for air, I asked them if they liked the theme.  They all looked at me with blank faces.  They had TOTALLY missed the heart shaped everything.  One of them actually said "the bacon was heart shaped?"  Hand to forehead.  Unappreciated mom.  Oblivious children.

So needless to say I will not be getting up an hour early on Saturday to shape the bacon into a heart.  That ship has sailed.  However, I am always up for an easy, fun holiday project.  I love to be the crafty mom, but I feel like I never have time or energy for anything fancy.  So when I came across this post on one of my favorite blogs, I knew I could make it happen.  Thank goodness that my work was a little slow today!

The kids had fun finding the hearts that applied to them and sticking them to the wall.  It has been a while since I have pulled out my big camera for something related to the family!  It felt good to be taking pictures of my own family for a change (one of my goals for 2015)!

All you need for this project is pastel colored paper, scissors and a red marker.  Then you can personalize them according to your family.  I had fun coming up with what to put on these.  I used some things we like to do together and also nicknames for the  kids.  They loved them.  Easy.  Fun.  Memory Making.  

Give it a try and have some fun with your family!

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