Monday, January 26, 2015

Sawyer is One

I have loved every minute I have spent with this little guy and his mama.  This whole family is full of love and joy and we just clicked from the moment we met.  I love it when that happens!  I have been taking pictures of this little guy from the time he was a month old.  I can't believe that he is already one!

This little guy has the happiest disposition and he has the BEST facial expression.  You can't help but love him and want to pick him up and squeeze him.

I love these.  They are kind of artsy, but I love it.  He looks so grown up yet so little at the same time.
I also love Ashely and her mom.  Grandma is amazing and happened to be in town for 3 of our 4 sessions.  I love her southern drawl and down to earth view of life.  I finally convinced her to get in front of the camera.  She didn't want to and I am sure she won't like that I am posting this picture, but I LOVE generational photos and I had to share the beauty of these women and this family.
Doesn't this one look like he is taking a selfie?  So cute and funny.
 Hey there big boy!
Ashley, thanks for being such a great mom and even though we haven't known each other very long or spent tons of time together I do count you as a friend!  I love it when clients become friends.  And also thanks for being so trusting and always going along with my ideas.  She is always up for anything!  Let's do some pictures in the snow....okay! 

Happy Birthday Sawyer (a little late)!  You are a joy.

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