Friday, August 9, 2013

Sneak Peek: Jacinda

Meet Jacinda.  She is a beauty and a rock star swimmer.  She lived in our neighborhood (until a week ago) and her brothers are on swim team with Makai.  She also taught swimming lessons for Jameson and some other kids this summer.  It has been fun getting to know her and to spend time taking pictures of her.  She is very photogenic and we had a great sunset session together.  My favorites were spent down at Soda Lakes beach.  It felt a little bit like a swimsuit model shoot.  So fun and different!

Sorry if the pics are a little grainy.  Just got a new full frame camera and trying to figure out how to reduce the MB size of the pictures that they are not so big!

Thanks Jacinda!  You are beautiful and I hope you have a wonderful senior year.

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