Friday, August 30, 2013

Sneak Peek: The Goodwin Family

Look at this ridiculously good looking family!

Karin, good work!  You picked such beautiful, bright colors and you have such a cute family.  It was so fun to work with you guys and get to know your family.  She even let me know that the frame that she wants to put the picture in is a vertical one, so I knew to take more vertical shots than I normally do.  It is so nice to know that kind of information BEFORE I take the pictures.

I loved all of their little (or not so little in Tyler's case) guys, but little Gavin especially touched my heart.
See.  No pretense. His face shows how he feels.  

How can this not touch your heart?

I grew up with a sister who had Muscular Distrophy so I have a soft spot for special needs kids.  They just have such a sweet innocence about them.

These two still got it!


A mom of 5 knows how to just roll with it.....and with a smile nonetheless!
I loved this family and seriously wanted to take them home in my pocket.

Stay tuned for more pictures.  I was lucky enough to do Tyler's senior pictures.  They will be forthcoming!

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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