Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sneak Peek: Harkness Family

Last winter, I donated a portrait session for the Bradford Elementary auction.  Kristen won!  Now that summer time is here, she decided to cash in on her winnings.

I met up with this wonderful family at Bear Creek Lake Park.  It was one of my favorite sessions.  Their family was fun and relaxed and reminded me of my own boys.  They were funny, crazy, and spunky....just like little boys should be.  We had a great time running around!  We got so many good "brother pictures".  These boys loved hamming it up for the camera and they are some of my favorite sibling pictures.  Why won't my boys look like this together in pictures?  Perhaps because their mother is behind the camera!?

Kristen, I am sure glad that you won the auction and that I got to meet your zany family!

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