Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day 26: Light Painting

I actually learned how to do this last year at a free workshop I went to.  But, I only did it once and couldn't quite remember how to do it.  So I found this pin and thought I would try it out with the kids.

Ligh Painting Guide by Christopher Hibbert

We tried this on the night of the 4th, but it was still a little too light outside.  I had to play with the settings and try to get them just right, but by the time it was really dark out, the fireworks had started.  I wish we would have had more time to do this, but I will try again soon.  The kids LOVED it.  If you have DSLR camera, you should really try it out.  Don't forget your tripod (or have a place that you can set the camera so it will be completely still).  You just have to set it for a really long exposure and work quickly with a flashlight (or glowstick).  Make sure that you cover the flash light when you are in between letters or parts of your picture.  It also helps if you wear dark colored clothes.

Man getting eaten by big fish in water

M for Makai
We will try this again soon to get more images.

Here is an image from the workshop that I did last October.  It is better when you work in complete darkness.  And don't forget to write your letters backwards so they appear correctly in the picture.

Here is a link to the free monthly workshops called night photo walks.  I have only done one, but it was fun and free.  How can you go wrong with that?

You can find this pin on my "LiLo" board.

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