Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Mattesons +1

So....apparently I have been a slacker.  A month since my last post.  Sorry!  I think I have 1-2 blogs that I have started and just never I got back to.  Now that the sale is over and I have had a little more free time (yeah right), I have been trying to play catch up.  And now that the weather is FINALLY getting nicer, it is time to start ramping up the business!

The Mattesons are just some of my favorite people.  They are fun, genuine and ALWAYS have your back.  They are some of the most giving servants that I have ever met.  They are getting ready to have baby #2 and so I bugged her and bugged her until I finally got her behind my lens.  She is one of the cutest pregnant ladies and she chose the most beautiful colored dress (in a quick, desperate run into the gap- $13 and 5 minutes later she was ready for the session).

We had fun running around and playing and trying to get Grant to stand still so that we could take some pictures.  It was beautiful out (with perfect lighting) and the rain held off until we were driving home.

Silly Cora!

This is more of what I was going for!

Grant loves to push in the belly button

They were married here almost 8 years ago!  So cool to see their brick still in place.

This is how a real mom works.  Always running.

I can't wait to meet the baby girl!  Congrats guys.  Love you!

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