Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sneak Peek: McKelvey Family

Sorry if the blog has been silent.  I ran out of storage space on my free account and had to decide what to do about it.  I went ahead and bit the bullet and upgraded my storage (thanks LiLo business expense account!).

I have been so busy this fall.  Last year I really slowed down by the end of October.  This is December and still going strong!  I Love It (even if it does totally stress me out that Christmas is less than 3 weeks away and I have SOOOOOOOOOOOO much to do)!

I have had quite a few clients lately that have wanted to keep their sessions a secret so that they can give them as presents or use them for Christmas cards.  I totally get it, but it is really hard.  I have had some really good sessions lately and it is killing me that I can't share them!  Be warned: after Christmas you will be inundated with cute family pictures.  But....these guys don't mind me sharing.  And good thing.  I am not sure I could have kept these under wraps. 

They are the cutest family.  I have been following this family since May when little Aidan was born.  I have had a few sessions with them and I LOVE them all.  They are so photogenic and their love for their son is all over their faces!  It has been so fun to watch Aidan grow and become such a cute and smiley fellow!

We headed to downtown Littleton to get some "urban" shots and hopefully have a few lights in the background.  Don't they look so cute and Christmasy?

Love his face in this one.  And the little foot raise. Pure joy!

Don't you just love Becky's face?

Peek a boo

Checking out the lights

Can you feel the love?

Thanks for letting me capture your life's story McKelvey Family!  For more pictures, visit my website or my Facebook page.

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