Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hendrix- 9 months

This kid lives up to his name.  A total rock star.  
I am so thankful that he is one of my "baby's first year" clients 
and that I get to see him every few months.
Can you even believe this amazing "rock star" hair?
He was so happy to show off his new skills like clapping and smiling!
Happy Family.
 I love all of the faces they start to make at this age.  
They start to get a little attitude and have so much expression!
A little outfit change and we were off and running again.
Orange you glad I am posting these pictures?  
Sorry for the cheesy segue, but Hendrix thinks it is funny.
There is nothing like a sweet mother-son picture!
This little family.  So much love.
Please keep enjoying this little butterball.  
I love these rolls and can't wait to squish them again in a few months.

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