Friday, March 20, 2015


I love working with repeat clients and watching their families grow and help them welcome new little family members.  I was lucky enough to take pictures of Landon when he was a baby and then watched him grow through my "baby's first year" program.  It seems like we just finished his first year and baby brother came along.  To be fair, we waited until he could walk to do our final session and that little stinker took a long time to walk (just like my kiddos).  

Now it is Parker's turn.  He is a bit older than my typical newborns, so I saw more "eyes" than I usually do, but I love how his little eyes tracked with me and he even gave me a few smiles.  Eventually I wore him out and he was out like a light for a few pictures.
His room is Winnie the Pooh.  Isn't this hat adorable?
I love being in people's homes for the newborn session.  It is so fun to see them in their natural surrounding and to be able to document what their life looks like at this stage.  I wish I had done this with each of my newborns.  

Marcie also got some really cute hand knit hats online.  So cute!
We even got a little brotherly love.  It was quick but we got it!  Landon is so cute and walked around the house saying "pa-ka" for much of the time I was there. 
These brothers look exactly alike!

It must be all those beautiful dark locks of hair.

Thanks for allowing me to be a part of documenting your love and your family.  I can't wait to see how much Parker has grown in a few months.

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