Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sawyer: 4 months

I love my "Baby's First Year" babies.  It is so fun to see them every few months and watch them grow and change.  I also love getting to know the moms of these sweet babies.  It is nice to meet other moms who are in the parenting trenches with me.  Somehow talking about poop and breastfeeding is a normal and bonding experience.

When Ashley contacted me about Sawyer's 4 month pictures, she warned me that "he was a chunk".  I could hardly wait to see him.  You know how I feel about chunky babies:  LOVE THEM.  Perhaps that is because, I myself, was a chunky baby.

After a few delays (including her older child's bout with Scarlet Fever, yikes!) we finally met up to do Sawyer's pictures.  Ashley wasn't kidding.  Sawyer is a chunk, but such a cute and happy baby.  She even thought he might have an ear infection, but I would have never known.

I also love doing pictures outdoors.  It can sometimes be tricky in the cold, winter months but Colorado is such a beautiful state that if you wait a few days, the sun will come out and warm it up!  I love that it ensures that every session that I do looks different, even if we shoot in the same general location.

Sawyer was a trooper and endured the spring weather and we got some great shots.  Grandma was also along for the ride and it was fun to get to know her better as well.  She is a sweet (and sassy) southern lady and I loved chatting with her!  She is going to be in town for a few months taking care of Sawyer until he is big enough for day care.  Let's hear it for Grandmas!!!  They are the best.

Drooly babies are also a weakness of mine.  So combine chunky and drooly.....match made in heaven!

Hello cute leg rolls!  The only time these are cute.

Toward the end, Sawyer was getting sleepy and the only thing he wanted was his thumb.  Tough to get pictures, but so cute at the same time. 

Sawyer, keep growing and I can't wait to see you when you are 8 months old!  For more pictures visit my website or my Facebook page.

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