Friday, January 3, 2014

Best of LiLo 2013

How can I ring in the New Year without looking back on 2013 and sharing my favorite pictures?

Here are a few of my favorites from 2013!  Prepare for picture overload (in no particular order).

Cute Babies

Favorite Seniors

Favorite Couples

Favorite Cousin Pictures

Favorite Family Shots

Favorite of 2 sessions with these guys!

Favorite parents with kids pictures
Favorite Kids

Favorite Newborns with Siblings

Favorite Props- Hand Knit Blanket, Fire Helmet, Pinterest Blanket and Tiny armchair

Favorite Sibling Pictures

Favorite Maternity Picture

Favorite Location

Favorite Picture of my T-Bone (usually he is making a goofy face or extremely dirty)

Favorite Texture

Favorite Black and White
Favorite "getting ready" wedding picture

Favorite Bridal Picture

Favorite Cowboy

Favorite Squishy Baby

Favorite "dress up" session

Most amazing eyes award

Favorite Backlighting

Favorite Model Shot
Favorite Landscape Wedding

Favorite Look Between the Two

Favorite Corporate Picture- Easy Street Properties

Favorite Ring Picture

Another Favorite Ring Shot
Favorite Smolder

Favorite Story Behind the Picture- click here for the story!

Favorite Newborn Picture

Favorite Wedding Picture

Favorite Kissing Picture

Favorite Bride/Most Photogenic
And the winner is.......

This picture received 3944 hits on my Facebook page!  Can you believe that?

Thank you to all of my clients!  It was a wonderful year and I can't wait to see what 2014 is going to bring.  For more pictures or to schedule a session for 2014, visit my website at

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