Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Aria- Denver Baby Photographer

Have you missed me?  I have missed being here.  I have been taking a much needed break from my camera and getting some behind the scenes work done instead.  It has been wonderful and very refreshing and now I am ready to jump back into shooting. 

I can't think of a better way to get back into my routine than with a sweet baby girl.  Aria is 4 months old and is precious.

I loved meeting her and her parents.  We had a laughable time trying to get Aria to cooperate.  She just wasn't in the mood for pictures.  It is okay to be a little stoic when you are an adorable baby, right?!  She was just soaking it all in.

Even when she is crying....she is still adorable.  Look at those big crocodile tears.  Poor thing.  You would think the photographer pinched her!

Don't worry.  She rewarded me with a few smiles.  Cutie Patootie! 

Even though she didn't give the big smiles, she has the model stare down pat.  I mean...seriously.  This girl has a future.  She is so beautiful.  Those big eyes are so full of wonder and beauty.

I love that even at 4 months, you can start to see their habits.  She is starting to be a finger sucker.

Are you ready to be flooded with love?   

Take a peek at this BEAUTIFUL mama loving on her baby girl. 

And she obviously already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

I just couldn't resist getting a picture of this new little family and the love that they share.

I can't wait until our next session.  I am sure Aria is going to wow me with her big smiles at that session!

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