Thursday, March 3, 2016

Birth Photography- How it helps you and your spouse be IN the moment on one of the most important days of your life

The day your kids are born.  It is one of the top five best days of your life.  

Think about your wedding day.  It was wonderful and special and (hopefully)
 once in a lifetime.  Who spent the most time with you that day?  
Was it your spouse?  Nope.  It was your photographer.  They were with you 
from the moment you got ready until you left the reception and 
every time in between.  You can remember so much of your 
special day simply because it was (hopefully) well documented.

Why should the other most important days of your life be any different?  
Of course we would all hate to have someone following us around all
 day/every day taking pictures of every moment.  But on the big, important
 days it is nice to have someone there to document it all.

When I was having my first baby, birth photography wasn't even a "thing". 
 And guess what??  The role of film (yes, it was before digital cameras) 
was damaged somehow during the developing and they all have a 
terrible greenish tint to them.  Not just a minor tinge of green.  
No, I mean the pictures are all green and you can barely make out
 what the subject of the picture is.  Sad face.  I can never go 
back and re-create those first moments of his life.

If I was to have another baby, 
I would for SURE hire a birth photographer.

You might be saying to yourself.....gross.  
I don't want someone looking at my lady parts.

First of all...I don't want to take pictures of your lady parts.  
I want pictures of the baby and his/her first breaths.  
Therefore, I am standing by your shoulder so that
 I can get the pictures of the baby, not you!

So why do you want a photographer there?

Those first moments are precious.  Time stands still.  You want to 
remember those moments, but it quickly becomes a blur and you are so
 wrapped up in the moment that you don't think to take pictures.  
This is a good thing.  You want to be enamored with your baby
 and your new family.  However, that means that you won't have 
any pictures of this special and life-changing event.  

For your wedding day, would you want to take the pictures yourself? 
 No, you hire someone to capture the special moments.  
Why isn't having a baby the same way?  
Don't you want a picture like this one?

Photographers also take pictures of the little details that you might forget.  
What room number were you in?  What was the name of your nurse?  
What time did you get your epidural?  What did your cute pedicure look like? 
 Or want to see how tough you were during labor???

Don't worry.  When I first went to college I wanted to be a labor and
 delivery nurse.  Then I had to take organic chemistry and decided 
that nursing was not my calling.  However, now I get to be a part of
 people's birth stories in a different and more long-lasting way
 (and that doesn't include organic chemistry).  I also have personal experience
 and have given birth 3 times.  Not to mention, I have taken pictures
 at births before.  I know how to blend in to the 
surroundings so that you don't even know I am there.

So you want pictures of your baby's first hours of life but don't want another
 person in the delivery room?  That's okay.  I also do fresh 48 sessions.  
You give me a call when the baby is born and I pop down to the hospital 
to get those first pictures of your baby.  Or his/her first bath.  
Or meeting his/her siblings for the first time.


Are you pregnant?  Or do you know someone who is and might want more information?
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