Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sneak Peek: Sauer Family

I met this sweet family on a beautiful Monday evening in Golden.  I knew it was going to be a fun shoot when they showed up with their little boys in tow.  Little boys are my favorite.  They are so expressive and BUSY.  They aren't as shy as little girls and open up a little faster.

Evan followed that pattern exactly.  Right from the start this three year old was shooting me with his webslinger.  Good thing I have boys, so that I know what a webslinger is.  He loved the camera and hammed it up all evening.  He is one of the most expressive kids I have ever worked with.  It was a hoot.

Sweet baby Ty took a little longer to warm up to me.  Being only three months old he was a little more weary of the crazy lady with the big black camera.  But I eventually wore him down and got some cute smiles out of him as well.

And there is something special about brothers.

And look how stunning Lisa is.  Would you believe that she had a baby just 3 short months ago?  Me neither.  Both of her boys got her stunning blue eyes as well.  Sorry Jason, you are just like me.  All my boys got the baby blues from my husband.

 I know I say this often, but this session yielded some of my favorite images this year.

This family was laid back and comfortable in front of the camera.  It made our time together fun and easy.  I loved getting to know you and your handsome fellas.

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