Monday, June 2, 2014

Adley Turns One!

These sessions are always a little bitter-sweet for me.  I love watching these kids grow before my very eyes.  I love getting to know their moms and dads and take joy in snuggling them as newborns and then playing peek-a-boo with them as they grow.  And then they turn one.  And I stop seeing them every 3-4 months...sniff.  Bitter-sweet I say.

I don't play favorites.  But this little gem is one of my favorites.  She just has a sparkle in her eyes that make me smile.  She was a little tougher this time.  She didn't want to give me the big toothy grins, but she was so happy the entire time.

I love Hollie and Brandon almost as much as I love Adley.  Please, please, please have more darling babies so I can take pictures of them!

Then we got to the cake smashing portion of our session.  Adley was not interested in how it tasted.  She really wanted to touch it, smoosh it and make a mess of it.  Hopefully she actually ate some of her cake at her birthday party!
 I am pretty sure that she liked cleaning up more than getting dirty.
I wanted you to see a little behind the scenes of a cake smashing.  I have titled it "all hands on deck".

Once she was all cleaned up, she did a little showing off for me.

Happy Birthday Adley!  I can't wait to see you continue to grow and get prettier by the day.  You are a rock star.

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