Monday, July 16, 2012

This is how we roll.....

During the summer (or warm days in the spring and fall), you can find our family hanging out in the yard, in our "hood".  Many times we hang at the corner (down the street), but the last few nights we have been hanging out in our own front yard.  People walk by and say hi, the kids play and we relax and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL state we live in!

I'm not gonna lie......we are a little white trash.  Especially lately!  Last month we had a water leak in the basement.  Let's just say the repair made us look even more white trash.  They had to rip out the 4 juniper bushes (HALLELUIAH!) and dig under the front porch.  This required a bobcat......meaning it tore up the grass in the front too.  We were never going to win the contest for the nicest yard on the block anyway (can you say no sprinkler system?), but now......let's just say there is a big pile of dirt in our front yard.  I am sure the neighbors love us!  Dear Neighbors.....retaining wall and plants coming soon (and by soon, I mean eventually-like a year or so at the rate we move).

However, this pile of dirt has given the kids hours of enjoyment and playtime.  They have started a new game of "rock science".  Which basically gives them a chance to use a hammer to split open the rocks.  Every boy's dream, right?  In my opinion, what is the harm (other than the use of hammers with 3-or more depending on who stops by- boys wielding hammers in close proximity)?  They are loving it!  Of course, said boys in the yard with hammers and LOTS of piles of rock dust all over, really adds to our classy home appearance.

Last night, my sister and her family made the walk from the corner down to Berry (our street) to slum it with us.  The kids played "rock science" while we sat and chatted.

Working hard- wish they worked this hard at their chores!

The no-shirt really added to the overall "theme" of the night!

Poor Adah!  She is the only girl in the family, but she can hold her own.  She got right in that pile of dirt with all the boys, dress and all!  Love that girl!

Safety First! 

Love Noah's expression in this one!

Our "Special Drink"- in a mason jar

Love having my sister right around the corner!

We got pizza and made a night of it!  The Newmillers also made the trek down Berry and by the end of the night, we were quite the site!  At one point a passer-by asked us if we were having a red-neck party!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  I can't imagine why he would think that.  We only had 6 adults, 8 kids, 3 pizza boxes, 2 coolers, 8 bikes, 50 pieces of sidewalk chalk, 1000 water balloons (pre-water, that had been spilled EVERYWHERE), a buzz lightyear ride-in car (that doesn't work anymore), 6 hammers, rock dust, a bed sheet spread out (not a blanket) for our "pizza picnic", cups, plates and napkins strewn about......need I say more.  Oh, I forgot that at the time the neighbor walked by, Brandon was laying on the lawn talking on the phone (but to the passer by it looked like he was passed out!).

It was truly a white trash night.......and that is how we roll!

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