Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Burge Family Sneak Peek

I love this family!  We go way back!  Stephen and I were in math class together at good ol' Bear Creek HS, and apparently Jessica and I went to college together.  We HAD to have had some classes together, but neither of us remember it!  We now attend the same church and our boys are the same ages.  They have so much fun together (almost too much fun!) and are always running around playing.  Just last Sunday I was watching all of them while Jessica and Stephen were in the nursery, and I went to go say hello to someone during the greeting time.  Bad idea.  The little boys were GONE!  I spent the next 10 minutes or so scouring the entire church.  I couldn't find them anywhere and I finally had to enlist the help of Makai and Stephen.  I couldn't believe how quickly 2 four year olds could disappear.  When I finally found them (in the storage closet of a classroom), I yanked open the door (I was REALLY mad) and said "what are you two doing in here?".  Jameson said the ONLY thing that could have dissolved the situation (and make me smile and laugh).  He put his hands on his hips and said, "Mom (pause), we were just talking about Jesus".  After composing myself, I had to tell them I was glad they were talking about Jesus, but they couldn't be in there and I was upset that they didn't tell me where they were going.  Pretty sure that isn't the last time I am going to lose track of those two!

Here is a sneak peek of our wonderful friends!  We had a ball running all over Heritage Square taking pictures!

Corbin is a little accident prone!  He is ALL boy and loves to run and play....and that tends to come with some scars.  Jessica told me that last time they took family pictures, they had to reschedule several times because of scrapes and bruises.

This time, Corbin waiting until the actual shoot to get hurt!  No less than 5 minutes after we started, he jumped down the stairs and hit his chin.  He got a good little gash, but thankfully didn't need stitches (this time).  Good luck with that one!

Sorry it took me so long to get these done Burge Family, but there were so many good ones, it was really hard to pick!  Can't wait for you see all of them!

Nice, beautiful picture of the couple.  Two seconds later.....

Peek a Boo!

Stephen gave Corbin the pat down

One tough Hombre

He has the most amazing blue eyes!

I love their boys.  They are fun, crazy, full of energy and sweet as can be!  I am so glad that we get along so well and get to hang out together!  Click here to see more pictures of the Burges, or check out my website here!

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